Our Rotational Menu

Our menu rotates every week to two weeks. If you have a flavor you've been craving and we haven't made it for a while or an idea for a new flavor, let us know! Email us at fabrics@adcgelato.com

This Week's Menu

Guinness Cream Green Russian Irish Coffee Plush (v) #FabricoftheWeek (v) Georgette (v) Burlap (v) Cotton Houndstooth Plaid

Guinness Cream - SOLD OUT

Guinness Cream

Green Russian

Vodka Coffee

Irish Coffee - SOLD OUT

Whiskey Coffee Shortbread

Plush (v)

Watermelon Mint

Georgette (v)

Banana Oat


Rice Milk Cinnamon

#FabricoftheWeek (v)

Tangerine Pumpkin Sunflower Seeds

Houndstooth - Sold Out

Peanut Toffee Chocolate

Burlap - SOLD OUT

Peanut Butter Chocolate Coconut


Chocolate Honey Cinnamon Pepper