Why is it called An's Dry Cleaning?

After a year of searching for the perfect location for a gelato shop, we found our space in a historic building, built in 1934, on Adams Ave. We immediately fell in love with the location, the community, and the people. But changing the name of an old establishment, in an even older building, didn’t feel right. So, we decided to keep it and An's Dry Cleaning, the gelato shop, was born. Yes, An’s Dry Cleaning is a nod to the previous establishment, but also a reminder that some things are better left unchanged. Our chef, with over 13 years of gelato making experience in Europe, makes gelato from scratch, not out of a bag. Whether honing a traditional flavor or creating a brand new recipe, he combines quality local ingredients with uncompromising processes to craft wonderfully fresh and well-balanced gelato. Simply put, we think you’re going to love our gelato and we can’t wait to share it with you.