Rotating Gelato & Sorbet Menu

An's Dry Cleaning serves some of the best gelato in San Diego, CA. Our menu rotates every two weeks. This is our current menu of gelatos & sorbets.

Virtual Flavor Tour

If you haven't been to An's before, we start every visit off by offering to take guests through a complete flavor tour of all our 'fabrics' on the menu. While we cannot do our tastings right now, we'd still like to give you the experience.

Cream Cheese | Pumpkin

We create a cream cheese gelato that is similar to the cream cheese frosting you would find on a carrot cake. Then we layer in pumpkin butter we make in-house. It tastes like pumpkin pie in a jar.

Leche | Leche | Leche (tres)

Completely gluten-free, the key to this flavor is our tres leches cake. We make a fresh sponge cake and soak it overnight in sweet condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk. That gets mixed into the gelato with chunks of firmer sponge cake to give two types of textures.

Brown Butter | Pecan

If you love brown butter & pecan pie, this is your flavor. It is a milk based gelato that starts with a homemade browned butter pecan batter. This rich & nutty mixture is combined with molasses and finished with chunks of sweet pie crust.

Cranberry | Orange (v)

This vegan sorbet is made with cranberry juice, made in house by boiling, blending and straining cranberries. We then add fresh-squeezed orange juice to to create a fresh, tangy flavor. 

Apple | Cinnamon | Pie Crust

First, we season apple slices in a special cinnamon mixture and then slow roast them in the oven. Once they are tender enough, they get mixed into our gelato base. Then we bake a sweet pie crust and use that to mix into our apple gelato base, creating a flavor reminiscent of homemade apple pie.

Chocolate | Honey | Cinnamon | Pepper

This is one of our most complex flavors. This gelato starts off sweet from the dark chocolate and honey. As it dissolves, you will taste a little spice from the cinnamon & then a kick of pepper on the back of your tongue from the four different types of pepper we use.

Tangelo (v)

A tangy sorbet made with tangelos, which are a cross between tangerines and pomelos.