Rotating Gelato & Sorbet Menu

An's Dry Cleaning serves some of the best gelato in San Diego, CA. Our menu rotates every two weeks. This is our current menu of gelatos & sorbets.

Virtual Flavor Tour

If you haven't been to An's before, we start every visit off by offering to take guests through a complete flavor tour of all our 'fabrics' on the menu. Our menu is completely gluten-free and changes every two weeks so come in and sample your way through our flavors!

#2 Ice Cream Shop in America

We're proud to announce that we won 2nd Best Ice Cream Shop in America by USA Today's 10Best. Thank you to everyone that voted for us!


Chocolate | Shortbread | Caramel A milk chocolate based gelato with homemade shortbread and caramel sauce.


Cream Cheese | Pumpkin Butter Cream cheese gelato with homemade pumpkin butter


Banana | Chocolate Similar to a chocolate covered banana, we make this with fresh banana and dark chocolate.

Hemp (V)

Hazelnut | Chocolate Dark chocolate and candied hazelnuts, similar to a Ferrero Rocher

Zoot Suit

Fig | Spicy Candied Pecans Fig jam based gelato with house made spicy candied pecans, similar to a pecan pie.


Leche | Leche | Leche A creamy gelato inspired by a Tres Leches cake.

Satin (V)

Golden Kiwi 4 and a half pounds of fresh golden kiwi are used to make this light and refreshing sorbet.