Rotating Gelato & Sorbet Menu

An's Dry Cleaning serves some of the best gelato in San Diego, CA. Our menu rotates every two weeks. This is our current menu of gelatos & sorbets.

Virtual Flavor Tour

If you haven't been to An's before, we start every visit off by offering to take guests through a complete flavor tour of all our 'fabrics' on the menu. While we cannot do our tastings right now, we'd still like to give you the experience.

Chocolate x 3

Our brocade gelato is a chocolate lovers dream. It's a chocolate gelato made with 60% cacao chocolate, home made brownies (from scratch), and chocolate ganache.

Strawberry, Chocolate

We make a strawberry cream gelato and then layer in melted dark chocolate that freezes into little chocolate chunks in every bite.

Banana, Caramel, Vanilla

We start by making a brown sugar and butter based sauce which gets combined with bananas as we cook them together over a low heat. We then add vanilla and caramel which all gets blended together to create a very smooth and sweet gelato.

Jasmine Tea, Blueberry

One of the best selling flavors from our Paru Tea collaboration, we start with fresh brewed jasmine tea and combine with nearly 5 pounds of fresh blueberries.

Chocolate, Orange (v)

This vegan chocolate sorbet is made by combining two different types of dark chocolate with fresh squeezed orange juice and orange zest.

Watermelon, Mint (v)

All of the water in Plush comes from fresh squeezed watermelon. We then infuse the sorbet with mint to create this sweet and light vegan sorbet.

Rice, Milk, Cinnamon

One of our most popular fabrics, we start by making a homemade rice, milk, & cinnamon concoction that is similar to horchata. We then blend this into the gelato to create Cotton. Some say it tastes like the milk after you eat cinnamon toast crunch.