Rotating Gelato & Sorbet Menu

An's Dry Cleaning serves some of the best gelato in San Diego, CA. Our menu rotates every two weeks. This is our current menu of gelatos & sorbets.

Virtual Flavor Tour

If you haven't been to An's before, we start every visit off by offering to take guests through a complete flavor tour of all our 'fabrics' on the menu. While we cannot do our tastings right now, we'd still like to give you the experience.

Chocolate | Raspberry | Fudge (V)

We start by making a vegan chocolate and raspberry fudge with dark chocolate, coconut milk, and chunks of raspberries. Then we make a chocolate and raspberry sorbet and mix in the fudge.

Vanilla | Cherry | Almond

For the first three months of 2020 we released a new flavor every week. Crochet was one of the most popular and is often described as a fancy Cherry Garcia. We start with an extra vanilla'y base and add in almonds and candied cherries.

Cold Brew | Vanilla | Hazelnut

We make a cold brew coffee base using cold brew from our neighbors at Hawthorn Coffee. The we blend fresh roasted hazelnuts in. While the mixture is cooking, we infuse it with vanilla pods to create this delicious gelato.

Saffron | Vanilla | Pistachio

Termeh was one of the first flavors we ever created. We start with a vanilla gelato base and infuse it with just the right amount of saffron, making sure it is perfectly balanced with the vanilla. Then we add crushed pistachios and mix everything together.

Citrus | Mint | Chocolate

We collaborated with Paru Tea to use their citrus mint tea in this creamy gelato. We then add chunks of melted dark chocolate to make this like a refreshing spring flavor reminiscent of mint chocolate chip.

Pineapple | Basil

One of our most popular sorbets, this one is light and refreshing, made with about four fresh pineapples in each batch and balanced by a hint of basil.

Olive Oil | Rosemary

Canvas, one of our most requested flavors of all time, is back! If we were going to submit one flavor into a gelato competition, this would be it. This popular gelato starts by infusing milk with rosemary before combining it with olive oil. The result is an extremely creamy and smooth gelato.