Rotating Gelato & Sorbet Menu

An's Dry Cleaning serves some of the best gelato in San Diego, CA. Our menu rotates every two weeks. This is our current menu of gelatos & sorbets.

Virtual Flavor Tour

If you haven't been to An's before, we start every visit off by offering to take guests through a complete flavor tour of all our 'fabrics' on the menu. While we cannot do our tastings right now, we'd still like to give you the experience.

Gelato Scented Candle

Want your home to smell like an award-winning gelato shop that is named after a dry cleaner? Click below to buy one of our gelato scented candles that come with all the perks of being a fluff & fold member.

Cream Cheese | Coconut | Guava | Graham Cracker

We start with a light cream cheese & coconut gelato base and combine it with a guava jam from Jackie's Jams. Lastly, we infuse graham crackers with melted butter and mix those into the gelato.

Mango | Lime | Raspberry

Orange is a tropical tasting sorbet made from mango & lime for the base. Then we add guava jam from Jackie's Jams.

Custard | Whipped Cream

Inspired by crème brûlée, we start by slow cooking a from-scratch custard and chilling overnight. Then we make a fresh whipped cream and mix the two together to form a light and airy custard mix-in. We make a custard gelato from butter and eggs and layer in our custard mix-in and viola - suede

Slutty Brownies | Chocolate | Chocolate Ganache

We make our famous brocade with a dark chocolate base and a chocolate ganache mixed in. Then we use slutty brownies from CAKED which are three layered brownies with cookie dough on bottom, Oreos in the middle, & brownies on top. We mix in 2lbs of slutty brownies into every batch.

Peanut Butter | Chocolate | Coconut

This is our most popular vegan gelato. It is made with coconut milk instead of traditional dairy. We mix 3.5 pounds of golden peanut butter into every batch and layer in melted dark chocolate.

Banana | Chocolate

Gabardine is a banana gelato made with 10 to 15 bananas in each batch. We then melt 60% dark chocolate down and drizzle it into the gelato while it is coming out of the machine. The chocolate freezes into little chunks that are in every bite.

Olive Oil | Rosemary

One of our all time favorites is back after a brief hiatus... Canvas. We infuse milk with just the right amount of rosemary and then combine it with olive oil to create this rich and creamy gelato.