Beautifully reimagined.
Fluff & Fold 2.0

A few months ago we had the idea to create an insiders club for our gelato shop that included a reusable gelato growler. It was & still is the first of its kind. Since introducing what we called the 'Fluff & Fold', we have been imagining a completely redesigned container that is both beautiful and extremely high-quality. Something you would be proud to own. To bring our dream to life, we partnered with the Amsterdam based design firm Archive Studio. They focus on sustainability, quality, and craftsmanship. With that, we would like to introduce you to the completely reimagined Fluff & Fold 2.0.

Double Layer Clay

The Fluff & Fold 2.0 is unique for its double layer of clay that enables different finishes on the inside and outside. The outer layer has a soft-sanded finish, preserving the original texture of the clay. The inside has an ivory white layer of glaze that perfectly protects the container.

Truly Unique

Fluff & Fold 2.0's are made completely by hand. Because of the varying temperatures in the fire and the handmade approach to production, each one varies slightly in size and color. Your Fluff & Fold 2.0 will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Durable & Strong

Every Fluff & Fold 2.0 is fired at 2,200 °F making the clay super compact and durable. As a result, every container is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Undeniably Beautiful

Simply put, you will enjoy our gelato more intensely when you eat it from a beautiful place.