Virtual Flavor Tour

If you haven't been to An's before, we start every visit off by offering to take guests through a complete flavor tour of all our 'fabrics' on the menu. While we cannot do our tastings right now, we'd still like to give you the experience.

Hazelnut | Vanilla | Cold Brew

Our newest flavor, we start with cold brew from our fantastic neighbors at Hawthorn Coffee and blend it with oven-roasted hazelnuts and a little bit of egg yolk for extra creaminess. Then we use an in-chamber infuser to infuse Madagascar vanilla beans into the mixture while it cooks, before finally freezing into gelato.

Almond | Amaretto | Chocolate Ganache

The amaretto and almond gelato is a sweet cream and almond butter based gelato with hints of salt, lemon zest, and orange zest. After we blend all the ingredients together and right as they begin to freeze into gelato we add a few shots of amaretto liqueur. The gelato itself is savory and nutty. We then make an amaretto ganache by combining white chocolate, dark chocolate, butter, and more amaretto liqueur. The ganache is sweet and almost caramel like in texture. We marble this into the gelato to create a sweet and savory creamy gelato.

Almond | Sage

One of the things we think our head chef does better than just about anyone is his aromatic infusions. Silk is no exception. We combine almond butter with a sage infused base to create a nutty/savory flavor profile. We then add candied almonds to give it a little sweetness & crunch.

Olive Oil | Rosemary

Canvas is one of our most requested flavors of all time. If we were going to submit one flavor into a gelato competition, this would be it. This popular gelato starts by infusing milk with rosemary before combining it with olive oil. The result is an extremely creamy and smooth gelato.

Banana | Chocolate

Gabardine is a banana gelato made with 10 to 15 bananas in each batch. We then melt 60% dark chocolate down and drizzle it into the gelato while it is coming out of the machine. The chocolate freezes into little chunks that are in every bite.


This vegan gelato is made with coconut milk instead of regular milk. It's almost always our most popular fabric when it is on the menu. The creaminess from the peanut butter with little chunks of chocolate is reminiscent of Reese's Pieces.

Strawberry | Ginger

Originally inspired by the Kentucky Buck cocktail by our fantastic neighbors at Polite Provisions, chiffon is a strawberry ginger vegan sorbet made with fresh strawberries and a little bit of ginger for a kick.

Midnight Dark Chocolate

Cypress is a rich, dark chocolate gelato made with extra dark chocolate that comes from a Brazilian cocoa powder.